Dogs Trust Gifts Christmas Catalogue 2020

Every purchase will help us care for more dogs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic 40 Christmas With Your Dog Please supervise your dog when playing with these toys. Although tough, they are not indestructible. Check toys regularly and if they become damaged, please take them away from your pet. 82520 C. Antler Hygge Mattress Soft, stylish and above all cosy! Perfect for dog naps after long walks and all that festive play. 100% polyester. Outer cover is removable and machine washable (cold wash). Size: 720 x 540mm. 82145 £30.00 B. Antler Hygge Super Soft Blanket What better way to end your dog’s day than curled up on this super soft blanket? Dog napping has never been so stylish! 100% polyester. Cold machine wash. Size: 110 x 73cm. 82146 £20.00 E. Squeaky Sprout Dog Toy Christmas simply just isn’t Christmas without sprouts! Humorous, fabric dog toy with added squeak. Size: 150 x 260mm. 82083 £8.00 F. Tough Reindeer Dog Toy A durable toy with squeak and texture to entertain your dog. Size: 150 x 230mm. 82085 £8.00 B D C A Reverse Enjoy the festivities this Christmas with your four-legged friends. Watch your dogs play with our fun toys that are sure to be firm favourites under the Christmas tree this year, and then let them enjoy a well-deserved dog nap on our cosy mattress and blanket from the Antler Hygge Range. I’m Graham. When everybody was told to keep safe at home, I was found homeless and wandering the streets. But thankfully, it wasn’t long before the kind people at Dogs Trust took me in. Dogs Trust are continuing to lovingly care for dogs like me through this pandemic. But it’s only thanks to kind people who help by buying from this range. Us dogs really couldn’t be more grrr-ateful for your support. Thank you for your support A. Felt Toy Basket We have so many toys to offer again this year, you’ll need somewhere to store them all! From tough tug toys to cute cuddly companions, keep all your dog’s toys tidy with their very own felt basket with a cute bear design. Size: 320 x 510mm. 82147 £15.00 D. Antler Hygge Comfort Bone A soft fabric bone dog toy. Ideal ‘stocking filler’ for your pooch. Size: 250 x 130mm. 82082 £3.00