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Please advise on a separate sheet of paper if you require delivery to a different address to your home address printed below. Dogs Trust Promotions is a trading subsidiary of Dogs Trust, a registered charity to which it Gift Aids all of its profits. Registered office: Clarissa Baldwin House, 17 Wakley Street, London EC1V 7RQ. We do share your information within the Dogs Trust Group; currently Dogs Trust Worldwide, Dogs Trust Ireland and Dogs Trust. In order to communicate with you more effectively, better understand your preferences and ability to support our work and provide you with more transparent and clear information on how we may process your personal data, please visit From time to time we would like to send you exciting updates about our work, products, services and how you can support us, including fundraising activities and research by post. If you’re also happy to hear from us by email and/or phone, please fill in your details: Email:__________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:____________________________________________________________________________________ _____ You can opt out of communications or change your preferences at any time by phoning 020 7837 0006 or visiting If you are a UK taxpayer, you can make every donation you make to Dogs Trust worth up to a quarter more at no cost to yourself. Call us on 020 7837 0006 to find out more. METHOD OF PAYMENT: I enclose a cheque or postal order payable to DOGS TRUST PROMOTIONS LTD. Please do NOT pay with cash. If you prefer to pay by credit/debit card please fill in the section below: Name on Card:_________________________________________________ _____________ (BLOCK CAPITALS PLEASE) Card No: Your card number is the large number across the centre of your card Start Date: / Expiry Date: / Signature:___________________________________________________________________ You will be charged only on despatch of your goods unless ordering online. Payment must be included with order and sent to: DOGS TRUST CHRISTMAS CATALOGUE, WOODVIEW ROAD, PAIGNTON, TQ4 7SR. (BROWN catalogue envelope enclosed. Please ensure you use the correct envelope.) Every single donation we receive helps us with our work and your generosity is greatly appreciated. £ p TOTAL COST OF GOODS Postage and Packaging UK mainland orders only. FREE over £50. Goods value only, excl. donations. Overseas orders, see online. 4 95 £5 buys tasty treats to help gain a dogs trust. Donation £5 £15 can buy an interactive dog toy for busy minds. Donation £15 £25 pays towards essential vet check-ups. Donation £25 £50 helps cover the cost of everything a dog needs for one day in our care. Donation £50 Donation other GRAND TOTAL £ Thank you! Photo: Martin Phelps. This order form has been designed, printed and paid for by Otter House Ltd. Registered Charity Numbers: 227523 and SC037843. © Dogs Trust 2023. Peanut Thank you from all the other dogs like me that you’ll be helping” “ Help dogs in need With every purchase or donation you’ll be helping to provide for the thousands of dogs we care for each year. Dogs like Peanut here, who you can read more about inside. Please see above on how you can round up your order with a donation. Page Qty Code Description Price £ p 18B 83277 Dog Friendly Britain Book £18.99 18C 80992 My Rescue Dog Rescued Me Book £8.99 18D 81853 The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II Book £9.99 18E 84063 How to Create your Garden Book £9.99 18F 84065 Mary Berry 100 Cakes and Bakes Book £10.99 19G 83933 Labradors in the Dunes Place Mat £5.99 19G 83934 Labradors in the Dunes Coaster £2.99 19G 83935 Labradors in the Dunes Mug £9.99 19G 83936 Labradors in the Dunes Soft Back Notebook £7.99 19H 83810 Playtime Dogs A5 Notebook £6.50 19H 83808 Playtime Dogs Ballpoint Pen £2.99 19H 83809 Playtime Dogs A6 Notecard Wallet £5.00 19H 83811 Playtime Dogs A6 Notebook £5.00 19H 83807 Playtime Dogs Magnetic Memo Pad £3.99 19H 76344 Dog & Floral Pattern Mug £7.99 20A 83997 Barks Shopping Bag £3.99 20A 83996 Barks Set of Four Cork Coasters £4.99 20A 83995 Barks Glass Mug £6.99 20A 83994 Barks Shatterproof Pop Top Bottle £12.99 20B 83540 Dog Print Lunch Bag £5.99 20C 82628 Emma Bridgewater Paw Print Storage Tin £14.99 20D 84046 Dog Silhouette Shaped Coir Mat £19.99 20E 82410 Reserved for the Dog Decorative Cushion £12.99 20F 83432 Daisy Field Dog Tray £5.50 20G 83428 Crazy Dog Lady Tea Towel £7.50 20G 83429 Crazy Dog Lady Water Bottle £22.50 21H 84050 Scruffy Love Cushion £24.99 21H 84051 Scruffy Love A5 Notebook £9.50 21H 84052 Scruffy Love Packable Tote Bag £11.99 21H 84053 Scruffy Love Wash Bag £12.99 21I 83270 Please Wipe Your Paws Doormat £19.99 21I 83100 Going Out Doormat £19.99 21J 83243 Man’s Best Friend Lap Tray - Black Labrador £14.99 21J 83244 Man’s Best Friend Lap Tray - Border Collie £14.99 21J 83247 Man’s Best Friend Lap Tray - Springer Spaniel £14.99 21K 83248 Man’s Best Friend Cushion - Black Labrador £14.99 21K 83245 Man’s Best Friend Cushion - Border Collie £14.99 22A 83582 Backpack - Olive Green £24.99 22A 83583 Backpack - Black £24.99 22B 83932 Walkies Bag £9.99 22C 84072 Love and Devotion Packable Tote Bag £11.99 22D 83234 Running Dog Scarf - Soft Grey £8.99 22E 84054 Joules Sausage Dog Mini Umbrella £14.99 22F 83992 Sparkle Dog Necklace £14.99 22F 83993 Sparkle Dog Earrings £12.99 22G 82788 Paw Print Beanie - Black/Yellow Paws £11.99 22H 81512 Light Up Beanie Hat £12.99 22I 84073 Paw Print Socks Offer £5.99 23J 82613 Puppy Hot Water Bottle £15.99 23K 81473 Pawsome Odd Socks £15.50 23K 83295 Pup Stars Kids Odd Socks £12.50 23L 77138 World’s Best Dog Mum Socks £5.99 23M 83242 Dogs Socks Gift Box £12.99 23N 82162 Dachshund Snoozies Slippers S £12.99 23N 82163 Dachshund Snoozies Slippers M £12.99 23N 82164 Dachshund Snoozies Slippers L £12.99 23O 84061 Tweed Messenger Bag - Kissing Dogs £36.99 24A 81205 Digging Dog Garden Ornament £29.99 24B 83256 Ceramic Bird Bath - Blue £22.99 24C 82736 Butterfly and Bee Bath £22.99 24D 83316 Little Birdie Hanging Basket Bracket £12.99 24E 82964 Acorn Bird Feeder - For Suet Balls £11.99 24E 81797 Acorn Bird Feeder - For Nuts £11.99 24F 83315 Parasol Bird Feeder £19.99 24G 83317 Tree of Love Birds Wall Plaque £34.99 24H 82175 Mouse Watering Can £26.99 25I 83940 Coleus House Plant Grow Kit £9.99 25J 83942 A Gardener’s Year Gift Set £12.99 25K 83941 Butterfly Garden Starter Kit £9.99 25L 82537 Bees Seed Shaker Vintage Blue £5.50 25L 82538 Bees Seed Shaker Wildflowers £5.50 25L 82539 Bees Seed Shaker Butterfly & Bee £5.50 25L 82567 Seed Shaker Offer - 3 Packs £15.00 25M 82255 Trio Herb Growing Set £7.99 25N 82253 Bonsai Tree Growing Kit £12.99 26A 83289 Puppy Snack Mug £9.99 26B 76939 Stitched Dog and Flowers Mug £7.99 Page Qty Code Description Price £ p 26C 83427 Spectacular Spectacles Case - Dog £9.99 26D 83938 Dog Jokes Cards £4.99 26E 82495 Gromit Solar Pal £4.99 26F 82621 Dogsaster Game £9.99 26G 83937 Sausage Dog String Lights £9.99 26H 83269 Dog Head Key Ring £6.99 26I 83601 Close at Heart Dog Figurine £9.99 27J 76133 Dog Keeping Cosy Hot Chocolate Mug £9.99 27J 75210 Watching Santa Hot Chocolate Mug £9.99 27K 82625 Chocolate Bomb Trio £9.99 27K 82739 Chocolate Bomb Trio Offer £17.98 27L 67346 Marzipan Fruits £10.99 27M 82787 Orchard Fruit Jellies Tin £11.99 27N 83926 Stir-in Hot Chocolate Spoons £9.99 27O 84037 Emma Bridgewater Hedgerow Biscuit Tin £12.99 27P 83928 Dark Chocolate Coated Brazil Nuts £7.99 27P 83929 Salted Caramel Chocolate Honeycomb £7.99 27Q 83925 Raspberry Champagne Truffles £9.99 28A DD81829 Retreat Eco-Wellness Dog Duvet Bed Medium £44.99 28A DD81830 Retreat Eco-Wellness Dog Duvet Bed Large £69.99 28B DD84070 Fleece Harbour Paw Quilted Mattress Medium £18.99 28B DD84071 Fleece Harbour Paw Quilted Mattress Large £24.99 28B DD84068 Fleece Harbour Paw Slumber Bed 600mm £49.99 28B DD84069 Fleece Harbour Paw Slumber Bed 750mm £69.99 28C 82597 Super Absorbent Pet Towel £5.99 28D DD84048 County Deep-Filled Dog Duvet £59.99 28E 66525 Lightweight Tri Fold Dog Ramp £89.00 29F 84003 Starfish Rubber Dog Lick Toy £9.99 29F 84002 Conch Shell Rubber Dog Treat Toy £9.99 29G 83383 Treble Rubber Ring Dog Toy £8.99 30A 82727 Snuffle Advent Calendar for your Dog £8.99 32A 83384 Dachshund Dog Toy £6.99 32B 83561 Dylan Dog Toy £7.99 32C 84001 Shark Dog Toy £10.99 32D 81750 Tough Teddy Dog Toy £7.99 32E 69020 Bertie the Bat Dog Toy £8.99 32F 81751 Delia Duck Dog Toy £6.99 32G 82747 Tough Rope Cow Dog Toy £8.99 t To help us save on admin costs we are sorry we will only be able to personally thank donations over £50 but thank you so much for your support.