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2 and welcome to our 2023 Christmas Catalogue, brimming with wagtastic and quirky goodies that’ll make you want to shop ’tail you drop. Grrrreetings, Whether you’re buying for loved ones, yourself or even four-legged furiends, then look no further. Yule find everything here from Christmas essentials that you can’t go without to gardening gadgets that you didn’t even know you needed. There’s also fun and interactive dog toys, scrummy confectionaries, festive cards, stylish clothing and much much more. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for in here, then scoot on over to our online giftshop where you can snoop the entire range. What’s more, with every purchase (or donation), you’ll be helping us save the lives of thousands of stray and abandoned dogs who need our essential care all year round. Just like little Peanut here, who at just 10-weeks old was abandoned on the side of the road in nothing but a cardboard box. You can read more about Peanut and how your support through this catalogue helped to save her life on page 21. Thank you, and happy browsing. This catalogue has been designed, printed and paid for by Otter House Ltd. Photography by Martin Phelps, Colin Lizius, Lucy Ridges, Dogs Trust staff and volunteers. Registered Charity Numbers: 227523 and SC037843. © Dogs Trust 2023 A dog is for life, not just for Christmas® How to order Online: Email: Order line: 0844 324 8521 Calls from BT landlines cost 5p per minute, other networks may vary. Post: Dogs Trust, Woodview Road, Paignton, TQ4 7SR Enquiries: 0333 240 5866 National charges apply. Scan here to order online! Peanut Thank you from all the other dogs like me that you’ll be helping” “ FREE postage and packing with UK orders over £50!* *Goods value only, excl. donations and virtual gift cards

Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. 3 All Christmas cards on pages 3-8 are printed on FSC® certified card (excluding money wallet 77112). Customers should look out for the FSC logo on our cards. FSC promotional licence held by Otter House Ltd. who source Christmas cards on behalf of Dogs Trust. Christmas cards Buy three packs of the same design save at least £1.50! C. Pup and the Robin Greeting: ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83638 10 Cards £4.99 83718 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! A. Watching Santa’s Arrival Greeting: ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’. Size: 123 x 198mm. 83637 10 Cards £5.99 83717 30 Cards £15.45 Save over £2.50! B. Cosy Cuddles Greeting: ‘With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83639 10 Cards £4.99 83719 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! E. Playful Pups Greeting: ‘Merry Christmas’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83643 10 Cards £4.99 83723 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! D. Warm Woofs Greeting: ‘Happy Christmas’. Size: 198 X 123mm. 83652 10 Cards £5.99 83731 30 Cards £15.45 Save over £2.50!

Every purchase from this catalogue will help us care for more dogs. 4 F. Building a Snowman with Santa Greeting: ‘With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83654 10 Cards £4.99 83733 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! D. Friendship Greeting: ‘…and a Happy New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83641 10 Cards £4.99 83721 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! Christmas cards A. Happy Christmas Collie! Greeting: ‘...and best wishes for the New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83642 10 Cards £4.99 83722 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! B. Christmas Cockapoo Greeting: ‘...and best wishes for the New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83656 10 Cards £4.99 83735 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! E. Robins Amid the Berries Twin Pack Greeting: ‘With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83640 10 Cards £4.99 83720 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! Twin pack C. Visiting the New Arrival Greeting: ‘With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’. Size: 123 x 198mm. 83194 10 Cards £5.99 83465 30 Cards £15.45 Save over £2.50!

Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. 5 Christmas cards H. Tree of Wonder Greeting: ‘Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83658 10 Cards £4.99 83737 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! Glitter and foil free cards with recyclable packaging L. Watching the Moon Greeting: ‘With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83184 10 Cards £4.99 83456 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! G. Handsome Stag Greeting: ‘Season’s Greetings’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83198 10 Cards £4.99 83468 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! I. Dashing Downhill Dogs Greeting: ‘...and a Happy New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83647 10 Cards £4.99 83726 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! M. Stable Pals Greeting: ‘With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83188 10 Cards £4.99 83460 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! K. Peaceful Christmas Greeting: ‘…and best wishes for a Happy New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83657 10 Cards £4.99 83736 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! J. Santa’s Special Express Greeting: ‘With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’. Size: 198 x 123mm. 83650 10 Cards £5.99 83729 30 Cards £15.45 Save over £2.50!

Every purchase from this catalogue will help us care for more dogs. 6 Christmas cards B. Feathered Favourites Greeting: ‘Season’s Greetings’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83189 10 Cards £4.99 83461 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! C. Countryside Christmas Greeting: ‘Christmas Greetings’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83660 10 Cards £4.99 83739 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! E. Pup’s Post Greeting: ‘Merry Christmas’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83646 10 Cards £4.99 83725 30 Cards £13.47 Save over £2.50! D. Winter Sunset Walk Greeting: ‘With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’. Size: 123 x 198mm. 83645 10 Cards £5.99 83724 30 Cards £15.45 Save £2.50! F. The First Christmas Greeting: ‘With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83653 10 Cards £4.99 83732 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! All cards (excluding money wallets) carry a Dogs Trust message. They are supplied with white envelopes, packed in home compostable bags and are designed and printed in the UK. A. Santa Walkies Greeting: ‘Merry Christmas’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83648 10 Cards £4.99 83727 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50!

Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. 7 Christmas cards Page 3 Page 6 Page 3 K. Carol Service Greeting: ‘With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’. Size: 137 x 108mm. 83195 10 Cards £4.99 83466 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! I. Watching at the Window Greeting: ‘Season’s Greetings’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83655 10 Cards £4.99 83734 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! Glitter and foil free cards with recyclable packaging G. Christmas Cottage Greeting: ‘and a Happy New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83649 10 Cards £4.99 83728 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! H. Christmas Village Life Greeting: ‘Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83659 10 Cards £4.99 83738 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50! L. Christmas Dog Money Wallets A pack of four cards, including slots to store a cheque, banknote or voucher, with envelopes. Please note that wallets do not feature our logo. Card size: 90 x 175mm. 77112 £3.99 J. Festive Feathered Friends Greeting: ‘and best wishes for the New Year’. Size: 125 x 125mm. 83651 10 Cards £4.99 83730 30 Cards £13.47 Save £1.50!

Every purchase from this catalogue will help us care for more dogs. 8 Christmas cards 83661 15 Cards £7.99 83741 30 Cards £13.98 Buy two packs and save £2.00! 64340 30 Cards £5.99 80086 60 Cards £9.98 Buy two packs and save £2.00! A. Dogs Trust Special Selection Card Pack Can’t decide which cards to choose? Our best-selling Special Selection Pack is the answer and provides plenty of variety! Featuring one each of 15 cards from this year’s superb collection. Boxed. B. Dogs Trust Christmas Bumper Card Pack Superb value with this assorted pack of 30 cards from previous year’s catalogues. Sizes, designs and greetings vary but the pack features at least ten different designs with our Dogs Trust message. Boxed. Buy two packs and save £2.00! Buy two packs and save £2.00! 15 Cards 30 Cards

Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. 9 77028 C. Christmas Gift Wrap Five sheets and five coordinating tags of the same design. Sheet size: 500 x 700mm. £3.99 each 77028 Happy Christmas Dogs 76489 Christmas Party Dogs G. Forest and Foliage Wrap and Tags Wrap your presents in style with this stunning luxury gift wrap set. Ten sheets and tags, five each of two designs. Sheet size: 500 x 700mm. 77024 £5.99 F. Bumper Christmas Dog Wrap Pack Fantastic value pack of 16 assorted sheets of quality wrap. At least four different doggy designs, which will vary. Sheet size: 500 x 700mm. 60398 £5.99 76489 Plastic free Christmas wrapped up! Hi, I’m Zac! I came to Dogs Trust after my owner sadly became ill and could no longer care for me. When I first arrived I struggled to make doggy friends, but Dogs Trust have helped me become much more confident and have even taught me to wear a muzzle. There’s lots of treats and praise involved so I always feel special during my training sessions! I’m now even closer to finding my forever home and I’m told that my new found confidence wouldn’t be possible without the support from kind people like you, who purchase and donate through this catalogue, so thank you very much. E. Luxury Tissue Paper Pack Luxury tissue paper for elegant wrapping. Nine sheets in total, three designs, which may vary slightly but will include the paws design. Sheet size: 500 x 700mm. 80088 £4.99 D. Doggy Delights Gift Labels A cuddly collection of canines to help label Christmas presents, 50 self-adhesive labels. Designs may vary. Sheet size: 145 x 240mm. 83715 £2.99 Ribbons not included. Plastic free Plastic free

Every purchase from this catalogue will help us care for more dogs. 10 F. Pass the Parcel Sprout This is one sprout welcomed at the Christmas table. Unpeel a layer to find a forfeit. Contains eight hats, small gifts and forfeit slips. 80822 £6.99 Best seller Christmas gifts C. Christmas Dog Needle Felting Kit Create a cute decoration (95mm). Simple kit with polystyrene base, wool, needles, thread and instructions. 83533 £4.99 E. Christmas Socks Say no to boring socks! Cotton rich. £5.99 each 77136 Gingerbread Man Shoe size: 4-8. 77132 Santa Shoe size: 6-11. G. Nordic Lights Candle Shade Translucent, ceramic shade delicately decorated with a dog design that comes to life when a tealight is placed underneath. 83971 £10.99 D. Winter Village Soap Gift Set Three 100g soaps with mulled wine fragrance and shea butter. Vegan-friendly and plastic-free. 83961 £11.99 B. Snowflake and the Robin Bauble Limited edition, shatterproof bauble with an adorable pup design. Boxed. 83224 £6.99 H. Fragranced Christmas Candles Cranberry and ginger, cinnamon spice, and frankincense and myrrh. Approx. 20 hours burn time each. Height: 45mm. 81210 Set of Three £16.99 I. Reindeer Heat Changing Mug Watch his nose change to red, just like Rudolph’s! Stoneware. Hand wash. Gift boxed. Height: 102mm. 83943 £9.99 A. Sleigh Ride Advent For Your Dog Count down to Christmas with your pooch with a tasty mini treat for each day. Size: 250 x 230mm. 81478 One Advent £4.99 81771 Two Advents £8.48 Save £1.50! Advent for your dog Best seller Exclusive to Dogs Trust When cold Never leave burning candles unattended and check items are cold before storing. When warm

Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. 11 Christmas crackers J. Racing Reindeer Fun Crackers Six crackers with pull-back reindeer to race on the game board provided. Contains hat, snap and motto. No plastic window in the packaging. Cracker size: 300mm. 83174 £10.99 Please note crackers and their contents are not suitable for children under three due to small parts. Cracker contents may vary slightly to those shown. Please keep seeds away from children and pets. M. Christmas Capers Crackers Six striking, plastic-free crackers, handmade in the UK. Each contains a different wooden fridge magnet (30mm), hat, snap and motto. Cracker size: 300mm. 82638 £17.99 O. Xylophone Crackers Create your own mini orchestra with this fun set of eight colourful crackers each containing a hat, snap and motto as well as a xylophone bar for musical mayhem at the Christmas table. Simple instructions included. Cracker size: 300mm. 83917 £22.99 K. Woof Crackers Six dog-themed crackers with name tags. Contains adorable tree decorations as well as hat, snap, and motto. Cracker size: 300mm. 83922 £12.99 L. Deluxe Red and Gold Robin Crackers Six large crackers with festive robins, gold details and satin ribbon. Contains reusable gifts, hat, snap, and motto. Recyclable crackers and packaging. Cracker size: 330mm. 83921 £14.99 N. Wildlife Crackers with Flower Seeds Six crackers each with a pack of flower seeds (Nigella, Ox Eye Daisy and Poppy), hat, snap and motto. Plastic-free packaging. Cracker size: 300mm. 82572 £16.99 Seeds included Exclusive to Dogs Trust

Every purchase from this catalogue will help us care for more dogs. 12 2024 calendars and diaries A. Dogs Trust 2024 Calendar A best-seller! Show your support with this practical A4 monthto-view calendar featuring heartwarming photographs of dogs we have helped in our 20 rehoming centres around the UK. Plenty of room for notes and reminders too. Open size: 297 x 420mm. 241014 £5.99 B. Dogs Trust 2024 Diary Organise your busy life with this week-to-view pocket diary with ribbon marker. Open size: 170 x 170mm. 241015 £3.99 C. Dog Breed Appointment Calendars A lovely range of handy slimline calendars featuring superb photography of popular breeds. Month-to-view. Spiral-bound. Size: 150 x 420mm. View more details online. £6.99 each 240640 Black Labrador Retriever 240608 Bichon Frisé (not shown) 240610 Border Collie 240612 Border Terrier 240617 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 240641 Chocolate Labrador Retriever (not shown) 240621 Cockapoo 240627 English Cocker Spaniel 240630 English Springer Spaniel 240632 German Shepherd 240633 Golden Retriever 240639 Jack Russell 240662 Staffordshire Bull Terrier 240666 West Highland White Terrier 240642 Yellow Labrador Retriever (not shown) 240669 Yorkshire Terrier Plastic free packaging Exclusive to Dogs Trust Best sellers

Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. 13 2024 calendars D. Dog Breed Wall Calendars Stunning large-format calendars available in many popular breeds. Featuring a superb photograph for each month and plenty of space for notes and reminders. A practical gift to treasure throughout the year. Open size: 305 x 610mm. £10.99 each 240330 German Shepherd 240331 Golden Retriever 240333 Greyhound 240335 Jack Russell 240342 Lurcher 240366 Staffordshire Bull Terrier 240364 West Highland White Terrier 240339 Yellow Labrador Retriever 240337 Black Labrador Retriever 240306 Border Collie 240307 Border Terrier 240314 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 240317 Cockapoo 240321 Dachshund 240325 English Cocker Spaniel 240326 English Springer Spaniel

Every purchase from this catalogue will help us care for more dogs. 14 240516 240742 A. Mum’s Organiser and Diary Keep track of busy lives with this planner and diary, both with columns for up to five family members and featuring a pretty stitch effect design. A4 planner with month-to-view layout. Open size: 297 x 420mm. Spiral-bound diary with week-to-view layout. Open size: 310 x 210mm. 240742 A4 Organiser £6.99 240516 A5 Diary £9.99 240428 2024 calendars and diaries 240590 B. Wall Calendars Month-to-view wall calendars featuring stunning imagery and cute cartoons. Spacious date grids and room for notes. View more details online. Open size: 305 x 610mm. 240247 National Trust Seasons £10.99 240240 Kew in Colour £10.99 240215 Kitchen Garden £9.99 240955 Joules Dog Portraits £11.99 240428 Comedy Wildlife Awards £10.99 240590 Romance of Steam £10.99 Hi, I’m Roxie! I am a very bouncy girl with endless amounts of energy, which for some can be a lot to handle. However, the kind people at Dogs Trust are helping me with specialised training so I can learn lots of good girl manners, to increase my chances of finding a forever home. Your donations and purchases through this catalogue mean that more dogs like me, can get the special care they need and have another chance at happiness. Thank you so much. 240240 240247 240955 240215 Plastic free packaging

Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. 15 Some calendar covers and spreads are subject to change. 2024 calendars and diaries 240735 240738 240508 C. Slim Calendars Handy slim calendars for all your notes and appointments. View more details online. Month-to-view. Spiral-bound. Size: 150 x 420mm. £6.99 each 240424 Bumble and Buddies 240508 Garden Birds 240532 Fred Basset 240469 The Dog’s Day 240469 View the full range of calendars at 240532 E. British Wildlife Calendars Month-to-view A4 calendars featuring stunning photography. Spacious date grids and room for notes. View more details online. Open size: 285 x 400mm. £6.99 each 240735 Garden Birds 240738 Wildlife of Britain 240424 D. Beautiful Gardens Featuring photography of beautiful gardens from around the country. Handy slimline format calendar. Month-to-view. Open size: 150 x 420mm. Slimline pocket diary with two-week-to-view layout. Open size: 172 x 165mm. 240542 Slimline Calendar £6.99 240543 Slimline Diary £5.99 240543 240542

Every purchase from this catalogue will help us care for more dogs. 16 Jigsaws A. 1,000 Piece Jigsaws Quality 1,000 piece puzzles, perfect for winter evenings by the fire with your canine companion curled at your feet. Large image guide included. Finished size: approx. 680 x 490mm. £14.99 each 76743 Canal Walk 76376 Garden Friends 76383 Fruit Tree Farm 76742 Wildlife Meadow 75821 Fish ’n’ Chips Best seller Plastic free packaging 76764 Watching the Sleigh 76386 The Thatched Cottage

Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. 17 Jigsaws and puzzle books 76749 Midnight Delivery 76400 Winter Fields 76396 Waiting Patiently Best seller 76741 Dog Montage B. RHS Gardener’s Quiz & Puzzle Book Just how much do you know about roses? Do you know your aphids from your vine weevils? Featuring more than 400 lavishly illustrated questions. Softback. 208 pages. Size: 175 x 235mm. 82250 £14.99 C. Large-Print Puzzle Books Tricky crosswords, word searches, anagrams, sudokus, spot the differences, mazes and trivia questions all in LARGE PRINT. Softback. Size: 185 x 260mm. £9.99 each 83307 Grumpy Old Git 83308 Senior Moments D. Dog Lover’s Puzzle Book 200 dog-themed puzzles, from classic conundrums and quizzes to cryptic crosswords and sudoku, to keep your mind as strong as a dog’s devotion. Hardback. 240 pages. Size: 135 x 204mm. 83972 £12.99

Every purchase from this catalogue will help us care for more dogs. 18 Books D. The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II Celebrating the Queen’s wicked sense of humour, amusing quotations and stories about royal life. Revealing a side of the Queen’s personality that the public rarely saw. Hardback. 160 pages. Size: 140 x 206mm. 81853 £9.99 Best seller A. Wonder Dogs Whether saving humans from dangerous situations, helping the sick or fighting crime, these true stories prove that dogs are inspirational like Daisy, the tiny Dachshund who put her life on the line to save her humans from a bear. Softback. 200 pages. Size: 128 x 198mm. 83306 £8.99 B. Dog Friendly Britain The must-have guide for dog owners looking for discerning places to stay with their canine friend. Featuring boutique hotels, gastropubs, seaside B&Bs, cottages and glamping sites. Paperback. 288 pages. Size: 169 x 209mm. 83277 £18.99 C. My Rescue Dog Rescued Me Incredible true stories such as Toby, the retriever who performed the Heimlich manoeuvre to save his owner’s life and Alfie, the terrier who gave a bullied girl a new lease of life. Paperback. 256 pages. Size: 130 x 197mm. 80992 £8.99 F. Mary Berry 100 Cakes and Bakes Fabulous, foolproof recipes from the queen of cakes, from the best Victoria sponge to French patisserie and Christmas cake. Paperback. 208 pages. Size: 127 x 190mm. 84065 £10.99 E. How to Create Your Garden Create your dream garden with practical, uncomplicated advice from Adam Frost on how to design a garden to suit your lifestyle, soil and climate. Hardback. 256 pages. Size: 202 x 240mm. 84063 £9.99

Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. G. Labradors in the Dunes Gifts Featuring a beautiful watercolour by Alex Clark showing canine friendship. The ceramic mug is dishwasher safe. 83933 Cork Place Mat 290 x 215mm. £5.99 83934 Cork Coaster 100 x 100mm. £2.99 83935 Ceramic Mug 90mm. £9.99 83936 Softback Notebook 150 x 210mm. £7.99 Stationery and gifts 19 I’m Bruno, and when I came to Dogs Trust I had a tumour behind my ear that was causing me a bit of bother. Luckily I landed on my paws and the wonderful vets took such good care of me. They removed the tumour and made me feel so much better. I’m a sensitive old chap and thoroughly enjoy a peaceful snooze, so the kind people at Dogs Trust made sure I could have a quiet life with wonderful foster carers until I find a forever home. All of this is thanks to people like you who support Dogs Trust through donations and purchases from the catalogue. 83933 83935 83936 83934 H. Playtime Dogs Gifts Dozens of dogs decorate this practical stationery. Both notebooks feature 192 pages and the A6 notecard wallet includes four cards each of two designs. The matching ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. 83810 A5 Notebook £6.50 83808 Ballpoint Pen £2.99 83809 A6 Notecard Wallet £5.00 83811 A6 Notebook £5.00 83807 Magnetic Memo Pad £3.99 76344 Dogs and Floral Mug £7.99 83810 83811 83809 83807 83808 76344 Favourite! Dogs Trust

E. Reserved for the Dog Cushion For your pooch’s favourite spot! Cotton cushion with black piping. Polyester, cotton and viscose. Size: 500 x 300mm. 82410 £12.99 G. Crazy Dog Lady Show your passion for pooches! 83428 Tea Towel £7.50 100% cotton. Size: 450 x 650mm. 83429 Water Bottle £22.50 BPA-free metal bottle stays hot for 12 hours and cold for longer! Capacity: 500ml. F. Daisy Field Dog Tray Perfect for a mug and snack, small melamine tray. Wipe clean. Size: 207 x 143mm. 83432 £5.50 83428 83429 Best seller Gifts for the dog lover’s home Every purchase from this catalogue will help us care for more dogs. 20 A. Barks Gifts Featuring stylised dog illustrations. The glass mug comes gift boxed, and is not dishwasher/microwave safe. 83997 Shopping Bag 400 x 330mm. £3.99 83996 Set of Four Cork Coasters 100 x 100mm. £4.99 83995 Glass Mug 100mm. £6.99 83994 Shatterproof Pop Top Bottle 600ml. £12.99 B. Dog Print Lunch Bag Made from recycled plastic and perfect for packed lunches and snacks. Size: 215 x 140 x 130mm. 83540 £5.99 C. Emma Bridgewater Paw Print Tin Keep pet treats fresh and out of reach with this lovely tin by Emma Bridgewater. Size: 226 x 200 x 110mm. 82628 £14.99 D. Dog Silhouette Coir Mat A friendly pup to welcome guests. Size: 750 x 450mm. 84046 £19.99 83996 83994 83997 83995

Gifts for the dog lover’s home Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. 21 K. Man’s Best Friend Cushions Cuddle up with these soft cushions. Removable cover with piping. 10% cotton, 90% polyester with 100% polyester filling. Spot clean. Size: 440 x 440mm. 83248 Black Labrador £14.99 83245 Border Collie £14.99 83245 J. Man’s Best Friend Lap Trays Featuring delicate watercolour illustrations of popular breeds. With cushion base and laminated heat-resistant surface. Size: 340 x 440mm. 83243 Black Labrador £14.99 83244 Border Collie £14.99 83247 Springer Spaniel £14.99 83243 83244 83248 83247 H. Scruffy Love Gifts Quality gifts featuring an adorable pup by Anna Danielle. 84050 Cushion Linen mix 400 x 400mm. £24.99 84051 A5 Notebook 145 x 210mm. £9.50 84052 Packable Tote Bag 420 x 420 x 100mm. £11.99 8405 3 Wash Bag 305 x 205 x 86mm. £12.99 I. Doggy Doormats Super absorbent and hard-wearing mats to protect clean floors from muddy paws and footprints. Made in the UK. Machine washable, nylon with anti-slip rubber backing. Treated with active hygiene technology to prevent the development of bacteria and fungi. Size: 500 x 750mm. 83270 Please Wipe Your Paws £19.99 83100 Going Out £19.99 83100 83270 Hi, I’m Peanut. When I was just ten weeks old I was found at the side of the road in a box. I couldn’t understand what had happened so kept crying out for help until luckily someone found me. I was rushed into Dogs Trust and the kind people there took me to see the vet who gave me a check over to make sure I was ok, before I received lots of love, warmth and some yummy food too. I am told that all the help I received as such a young, vulnerable puppy could not have been possible without kind supporters like yourself who buy from and make donations through the catalogue so thank you. Favourite! Dogs Trust 84050 84051 84053 84052

Clothing and accessories Every purchase from this catalogue will help us care for more dogs. 22 D. Running Dogs Scarf Dozens of dogs decorate this fun scarf. Compostable packaging. Polyester. Soft grey. Size: 45 x 180cm. 83234 £8.99 H. Light Up Beanie Hat Ideal for whenever you need hands-free light. Includes LED light with three settings. Batteries included. One size fits most. 81512 £12.99 G. Paw Print Beanie For those chilly dog walks. One size fits most. 82788 £11.99 F. Sparkle Dog Silver-plated jewellery presented in a gift box. 83992 Necklace £14.99 Chain length: 500mm. 83993 Hook Earrings £12.99 E. Joules Sausage Dog Mini Umbrella Ultra compact, lightweight brolly from Fulton. Flexible frame. Size: closed length 165mm, open span 840mm. 84054 £14.99 Buy one, get one FREE A. Backpacks Stylish backpacks. Adjustable shoulder straps and carry strap. Lined with inner pockets and roomy outer pocket with zip. Will fit an A4 book folder or a 13”/14” laptop. Nylon. Size: 360 x 370 x 160mm. £24.99 each 83582 Olive Green 83583 Black 83582 83583 I. Paw Print Socks Cosy, long socks featuring fun paw prints. Cotton rich. Adult shoe size: 4-8. 84073 £5.99 Buy one pair, get a pair free! B. Walkies Bag The dog walker’s essential accessory. Light, showerproof fabric and adjustable shoulder strap. Four pockets including a poo bag dispenser slot. Poo bags not included. Size: 210 x 240mm. 83932 £9.99 C. Love and Devotion Bag An adorable, packable, cotton tote bag. Design by Anna Danielle. Size: 420 x 420 x 100mm. 84072 £11.99 Favourite! Dogs Trust

Best seller Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. 23 Clothing and accessories J. Puppy Hot Water Bottle This friendly pet will soothe, warm and comfort on cold nights. Length: 400mm. 82613 £15.99 K. Odd Socks Six fun socks to mix and mismatch however you want! Cotton rich. 81473 Pawsome Adult shoe size: 4-8. £15.50 83295 Pup Stars Children’s shoe size: 12-5.5. £12.50 N. Dachshund Snoozies Slippers Cosy comfort for your feet. Sherpa fleece with soft, suedette non-slip base. Machine washable. £12.99 each 82162 S Adult shoe size: 4/5. 82163 M Adult shoe size: 5/6. 82164 L Adult shoe size: 6/7. M. Dogs Socks Gift Box Two pairs of soft, bamboorich socks featuring Jack Russells. Adult shoe size: 6-11. 83242 £12.99 L. World’s Best Dog Mum Socks Cotton rich socks. Adult shoe size: 4-8. 77138 £5.99 O. Kissing Dogs Tweed Messenger Bag Gorgeous tweed bag, designed in Scotland with a beautifully detailed appliqué dog motif. 40% wool, 60% polyester. Wipe clean only. Adjustable shoulder strap, external and internal pockets. Size: 270 x 200mm. 84061 £36.99 81473 83295

Every purchase from this catalogue will help us care for more dogs. 24 Garden A. Digging Dog Garden Ornament “It’s got to be here somewhere!” This cast-iron ornament will make a quirky gift or bring a real touch of humour to your garden. Height: 200mm. 81205 £29.99 Best seller D. Little Birdie Hanging Basket Bracket Decorative metal bracket, hand-finished, will weather over time. Fixings not supplied. Size: 320 x 300mm. 83316 £12.99 F. Parasol Bird Feeder Hanging metal bird feeder decorated with two little birds. Hand-finished, will weather over time. Size: 240 x 640mm. 83315 £19.99 E. Bird Feeders Encourage birds to your garden. Bird food not included. £11.99 each 82964 Acorn Suet Ball Height: 281mm. 81797 Acorn Bird Feeder Height: 222mm. H. Mouse Watering Can Keep plants green and healthy with this novelty metal watering can. Size: 340 x 100 x 230mm. 82175 £26.99 G. Tree of Love Birds Wall Plaque Two birds nestle amongst the heart-shaped branches of this rustic, metal plaque. Handfinished, will weather over time. Indoor and outdoor use. Diameter: 600mm. 83317 £34.99 C. Butterfly and Bee Bath Provide a haven and drinking spot for bees and butterflies. Ceramic yellow bath with stones and sloping side for a safe insect access to water. Size: 273 x 273 x 77mm. 82736 £22.99 B. Ceramic Bird Bath Two little birds decorate this deep blue ceramic bird bath. A lovely garden feature to attract feathered friends. Size: 307 x 329 x 109mm. 83256 £22.99 Best seller Best seller 81797 82964

Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. 25 Garden M. Trio Herb Growing Set Sow and harvest herbs all year round. Perfect for any window ledge. Contains: three metal chalkboard planters (110mm high), chalk, growing medium, basil, parsley and chive seeds and instructions. 82255 £7.99 N. Bonsai Tree Growing Kit Growing a bonsai takes patience but you will be rewarded with a beautiful tree. Contains pot with saucer, compost, seed, instructions and aftercare tips. Best planted in Autumn. Pot size: 150 x 80 x 75mm. 82253 £12.99 L. Seed Shakers Lovely mixes of flower seeds with spreading agent. Simply shake, rake and water! Covers up to 25m². Tube height: 185mm. 82537 Vintage Blue £5.50 82538 Wildflowers £5.50 82539 Butterfly & Bee £5.50 82567 Buy all Three £15.00 Save £1.50! 82537 82538 82539 I. Coleus House Plant Grow Kit Grow your own rainbow mix Coleus. Textured, plastic planter with seeds and growing medium. Sow all year round. 83940 £9.99 J. Gardener’s Year Gift Set Open each of the 12 doors to reveal a growing gift. Year-round blooms including viola, marigold and cornflower. Contains: three mini plastic grow pots with coir, seeds, five seed bombs and a flower seed carpet. Size: 185 x 290 x 60mm. 83942 £12.99 K. Butterfly Garden Starter Kit Recycled plastic propagator, 24 bio-coco pots, plant labels and pollinator flower seeds: Michaelmas Daisy, Coreopsis, Everlasting Flower and Cosmos. Size: 330 x 230 x 135mm. 83941 £9.99

Every purchase from this catalogue will help us care for more dogs. 26 Stocking fillers E. Gromit Solar Pal Place him on a sunny windowsill and watch him move. Gift boxed. Height: 90mm. 82495 £4.99 B. Stitched Dog Mug Enjoy your favourite cuppa in the company of this cute pup. Ceramic mug. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Gift boxed. Height: 88mm. 76939 £7.99 A. Puppy Snack Mug Not only is this pup incredibly cute, he has a built-in biscuit holder. Ceramic. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Gift boxed. Height: 120mm. 83289 £9.99 C. Spectacular Spectacles Case A cute pooch to protect your specs. Artificial leather pouch with lining and magnetic fastener. Size: 170 x 72 x 40mm. 83427 £9.99 D. Dog Jokes Cards 100 paw-some dog puns and jokes to cheer up a ‘ruff’ day! 83938 £4.99 F. Dogsaster Game 15 pawfect puppies to stack as high as you can to become the ulti-mutt champion. Stacks of family fun. Age 3+. Box size: 65 x 65 x 210mm. 82621 £9.99 G. Sausage Dog String Lights 20 mini dog-shaped LED lights on a three-metre wire. Requires 3 x AA batteries, not supplied. 83937 £9.99 Favourite! Dogs Trust H. Dog Head Key Ring A friendly pooch to keep keys safe. Metal, screw-in closure. Size: 56mm. 83269 £6.99 I. Close at Heart Dog Figurine To symbolise the love and friendship we share with dogs. Gift boxed. Box height: 100mm. 83601 £9.99

Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. 27 Festive treats K. Chocolate Bomb Trio Place in a mug, pour in hot milk and as the chocolate melts, mini marshmallows will float to the surface, creating a delicious drink. Luxury handmade chocolate, made in Belgium. Box of three chocolate bombs. Size: 52mm each. 82625 One Pack £9.99 82739 Two Packs £17.98 Save £2.00! J. Hot Chocolate Mugs Perfect for a warming hot chocolate, frothy latte or even a hot toddy. Ceramic mug and spoon set presented in a gift box. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Mug height: 127mm. £9.99 each 76133 Dog Keeping Cosy 75210 Watching Santa Food items cannot be returned unless faulty. Food items may contain nuts. Suitable for Vegetarians V Vegans VG Gluten free G M. Orchard Fruit Jellies Tin 200g of luxury fruit jellies supplied in a fruity embossed keepsake tin. 82787 £11.99 76133 L. Marzipan Fruits A traditional Christmas treat. 150g of almond marzipan fruits with natural colours. Gift boxed. 67346 £10.99 V Best seller Best seller P. Festive Chocolate Treats Indulgent and delicious. Dark chocolate covered Brazil nuts and salted caramel chocolate covered honeycomb. 175g each. £7.99 each 83928 Brazil Nuts 83929 Honeycomb 83929 83928 N. Stir-in Hot Chocolate Spoons Set of three chocolate spoons, milk, dark and salted caramel, with mini marshmallows. 150g. 83926 £9.99 O. Emma Bridgewater Hedgerow Biscuit Tin Keepsake tin featuring rich colours and filled with 320g chocolate chip biscuits. Tin size: 195 x 154 x 75mm. 84037 £12.99 75210 Available early September Q. Raspberry Champagne Truffles Gift tin filled with 120g of white chocolate truffles with Marc de Champagne and freeze-dried raspberries. Tin size: 76 x 108 x 76mm. 83925 £9.99 V V V VG

Every purchase from this catalogue will help us care for more dogs. 28 E. Lightweight Tri Fold Dog Ramp This sturdy ramp is ideal to help your dog and ease travel. Particularly useful for senior, small and puppy dogs. Skid-resistant with rubber grippers. Portable, compact, folds down easily and can be carried like a briefcase. Opens to 180cm long and 40cm wide. Folds to approx. 61 x 41 x 34cm. Weighs 14.5lbs and takes weight up to 200lbs. 66525 £89.00 For your dog’s comfort DD A. Retreat Eco-Wellness Dog Duvet Bed Sustainable dog bed with stylish feather print in grey and duck egg. 100% recycled memory foam with breathing panel, for optimum comfort. Enhanced support for elderly, infirm dogs, larger breeds or those with joint problems. Easy-care water-resistant fabric inner. Removable, washable cover. DD81829 Medium 71 x 98cm. £44.99 DD81830 Large 87 x 138cm. £69.99 C. Super Absorbent Pet Towel Quick-drying microfibre towel for muddy paws and wet coats. Soft and comforting. Colours will vary (grey and brown). Size: 100 x 60cm. 82597 £5.99 Items marked will be despatched separately to your main order. Please supervise your dog when playing with these toys. Although tough, they are not indestructible. Check toys regularly and if they become damaged, please take them away from your pet. DD D. County Deep-Filled Dog Duvet A practical solution to all those muddy paws! Large duvet from Danish Design, with dual waterproof coating and heavy-duty, hard-wearing fabric. Simply wipe clean. Ideal for the home and car. Size: 130cm x 83cm. DD84048 £59.99 B. Harbour Paws Fleece Dog Beds Soft, sherpa fleece beds for canine comfort. Slumber Bed with removable, luxury quilted mattress. Made with recycled fibres and hypoallergenic, chemical-free and flameresistant Ecoflex. Available as a basket bed with mattress or as a separate mattress bed. DD84070 Mattress M 675mm. £18.99 DD84071 Mattress L 825mm. £24.99 DD84068 Bed & Mattress 600mm. £49.99 DD84069 Bed & Mattress 750mm. £69.99 DD DD

29 Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. Doggy playtime Donating on a loved one’s behalf: Head to, where you can donate towards the care of our dogs on behalf of a fellow dog lover and then choose a card to send them letting them know – the perfect last-minute gift for all occasions. Gifting our dogs and Sponsor Dogs: Our dogs are so grrr-ateful to receive gifts from our lovely supporters. So, to make it easier, we’ve set up a service which, at certain times of the year, allows you to send goodies directly to them from our gifts site. Whether you’ll be gifting your sponsor dog, or any dog in our care, please look out for our email, or keep an eye on our website for details how and when. Rounding up your order with a donation: On your printed and online order forms, there’s an option to round up your order with a donation. This allows us to spend the money on our dogs wherever needed and is one of the greatest ways you can help, especially during this challenging time. We’re so grateful for every additional gift. £5 buys tasty treats to help gain a dogs trust. £15 can buy an interactive dog toy for busy minds. £25 pays towards essential vet check-ups. £50 helps cover the cost of everything a dog needs for one day in our care. G. Treble Rubber Ring Dog Toy Strong rubber toy for playtime. Size: 270mm. 83383 £8.99 More ways you can help dogs F. Recycled Rubber Seaside Dog Toys Starfish Rubber Dog Lick Toy Encourage slower eating. Spread your dog’s favourite dog treat paste into the nooks and crannies of the starfish and let them have fun licking it all off again. 100% recycled rubber. Size: 160 x 150mm. 84003 £9.99 Conch Shell Rubber Dog Treat Toy Simply fill with dog treats for hours of fun for your dog. 100% recycled rubber. Size: 140 x 80mm. 84002 £9.99 84002 84003

Every purchase from this catalogue will help us care for more dogs. 30 Online at - Quick and easy and helps our administrative processes. By Post - please send your order with payment to: Dogs Trust Christmas Collection, Woodview Road, Paignton, TQ4 7SR. Please fill in your delivery address in the box opposite and ensure cheques are signed, dated and made payable to DOGS TRUST PROMOTIONS LTD. Please do NOT include any raffle payment or tickets with your order. See ticket book for details. By Telephone - 0844 324 8521 Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm. Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 10pm. Please have your credit/debit card to hand and be ready to quote the details of goods required. Please quote 750470. Calls from BT landlines cost 5p per minute, other networks will vary. Enquiries - please contact us quoting the details on your packing note or the order date. If you would like a copy of the catalogue please contact us using the telephone number or email address below. Please quote the details on your packing note or the order date. Telephone - 0333 240 5866 (national charges apply) Email - Please do NOT contact head office. Substitutes - every possible effort is made to supply the goods of your choice but if occasionally any item is not available, a carefully selected alternative might be sent. This does not affect your statutory rights. Sizes - sizes quoted in are approximate. Postage and Packing - there is a charge of £4.95 for postage and packing payable on every UK order under £50. For orders over £50 (goods value only, excl. virtual gift cards and donations), postage and packing is FREE. Delivery - your order should be delivered within seven working days if items are in stock (non UK mainland addresses will take longer). Please allow enough time for any onward postage of cards and gifts and order early to avoid disappointment. All orders received by 16th December should be delivered by Christmas Eve, subject to stock availability. Items Marked DD - will be despatched separately to your main order. Please allow longer for delivery. Please note Royal Mail’s last approximate posting dates (for your cards and gifts) for Christmas 2023: 2nd Class: 17th December 1st Class: 19th December See Royal Mail website. Overseas Orders - please see details online. Guarantee - every item is accurately described and illustrated. If you are unhappy with an item or if your goods are damaged in transit, please return to Charity Returns, c/o Whistl (Southwest), Unit 2G, Wrangaton Business Park, South Brent, Devon, TQ10 9GQ using the goods return form on the reverse of your despatch note and send it within 14 days. We will replace the goods or refund, whichever you prefer. This is in addition to your statutory rights. Dogs Trust Christmas catalogue order form 2023 How to Order Please order all goods online, use the space provided opposite or the enclosed larger order form if available. A separate order form must be completed for each delivery address. Please calculate the goods total together with postage and packing and add any donation you wish to make. Please remember to complete your home / delivery address in the box opposite. Orders by post will be welcomed until 8th December 2023 but please visit for gift ideas all year round. To help us save on administrative costs we are sorry we will only be able to personally thank donations over £50 but thank you so much for your support. DD A. Snuffle Advent Calendar for your Dog Stimulate your dog by hiding small treats (not supplied) each day during the countdown to Christmas in this colourful, fabric advent calendar you can use year after year. Size: 390 x 530mm. 82727 £8.99

Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. 31 Dogs Trust Christmas catalogue order form 2023 Registered Charity Numbers: 227523 and SC037843. METHOD OF PAYMENT: Name on Card:_______________________________________________________ (BLOCK CAPITALS PLEASE) Card No. Your card number is the large number across the centre of your card Signature:___________________________________________________________ You will be charged only on despatch of your goods unless ordering online. Payment must be included with order and sent to: DOGS TRUST CHRISTMAS COLLECTION, WOODVIEW ROAD, PAIGNTON, TQ4 7SR. (Brown reply envelope enclosed.) Every single donation we receive helps us with our work and your generosity is greatly appreciated. I enclose a cheque or postal order payable to DOGS TRUST PROMOTIONS LTD. Please do NOT pay with cash. If you prefer to pay by credit/debit card please fill in the section below. Start Date: / Expiry Date: / Code Quantity Description (should your order be larger than the space provided, please attach a separate sheet of paper.) Please print clearly using BLOCK CAPITALS. Keep this order form safe until you are ready to order. Price Total price £ p £ p If you are a UK taxpayer, you can make every donation you make to Dogs Trust worth up to a quarter more at no cost to yourself. Call us on 020 7837 0006 to find out more. £5 buys tasty treats to help gain a dogs trust. Donation £5 £15 can buy an interactive dog toy for busy minds. Donation £15 £25 pays towards essential vet check-ups. Donation £25 £50 helps cover the cost of everything a dog needs for one day in our care. Donation £50 Donation other Total cost of goods Postage & packing 4 95 GRAND TOTAL £ Please do NOT include any raffle payments with your order. UK mainland orders only Free over £50 (goods value only excl. donations). Dogs Trust Promotions is a trading subsidiary of Dogs Trust, a registered charity to which it Gift Aids all of its profits. Registered office: Clarissa Baldwin House, 17 Wakley Street, London EC1V 7RQ. We do share your information within the Dogs Trust Group; currently Dogs Trust Worldwide, Dogs Trust Ireland and Dogs Trust. In order to communicate with you more effectively, better understand your preferences and ability to support our work and provide you with more transparent and clear information on how we may process your personal data, please visit HOME / DELIVERY ADDRESS (please print in BLOCK CAPITALS). Please advise on a separate sheet of paper if you require delivery to a different address to your home billing address. Title:_______________ Initials:_______________ Surname:__________________________________ __ Address:_________________________________________________________________________________ Post Code:_______________ Supporter No. (if known):_________________________________________ From time to time we would like to send you exciting updates about our work, products, services and how you can support us, including fundraising activities and research by post. If you’re also happy to hear from us by email and/or phone, please fill in your details; Email:___________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:___________________________________________________________________________________ You can opt out of communications or change your preferences at any time by phoning 020 7837 0006 or visit 750470

32 Playtime for your dog! Best seller Please supervise your dog when playing with these toys. Although tough, they are not indestructible. Check toys regularly and if they become damaged, please take them away from your pet. A dog is for life, not just for Christmas® Doggy Playtime! Dog playtime is very important for their physical and mental health and of course it’s great fun too! Our range of dog toys provides hours of entertainment and doggy delight for the special canines in your life. Each toy comes with a hidden squeaker for added fun. More festive dog toys and treats online. A. 83384 Dachshund Dog Cuddly plush, colours vary. Size: 310mm. £6.99 B. 83561 Dylan Dog Cuddly plush. Size: 300mm. £7.99 C. 84001 Shark Recycled materials. Size: 200mm. £10.99 D. 81750 Tough Teddy Durable plush, rope core. Size: 260mm. £7.99 E. 69020 Bertie the Bat Crinkly wings, rope legs. Size: 360mm. £8.99 F. 81751 Delia Duck Rope legs. Size: 410mm. £6.99 G. 82747 Tough Rope Cow Furry fabric, inner rope. Size: 250mm. £8.99 A. D. B. F. E. C. G. On behalf of Peanut and all the other dogs you’re helping, 84075 Favourite! Dogs Trust