Dogs Trust Gifts

Order online at or call 0844 324 8521. 9 77028 C. Christmas Gift Wrap Five sheets and five coordinating tags of the same design. Sheet size: 500 x 700mm. £3.99 each 77028 Happy Christmas Dogs 76489 Christmas Party Dogs G. Forest and Foliage Wrap and Tags Wrap your presents in style with this stunning luxury gift wrap set. Ten sheets and tags, five each of two designs. Sheet size: 500 x 700mm. 77024 £5.99 F. Bumper Christmas Dog Wrap Pack Fantastic value pack of 16 assorted sheets of quality wrap. At least four different doggy designs, which will vary. Sheet size: 500 x 700mm. 60398 £5.99 76489 Plastic free Christmas wrapped up! Hi, I’m Zac! I came to Dogs Trust after my owner sadly became ill and could no longer care for me. When I first arrived I struggled to make doggy friends, but Dogs Trust have helped me become much more confident and have even taught me to wear a muzzle. There’s lots of treats and praise involved so I always feel special during my training sessions! I’m now even closer to finding my forever home and I’m told that my new found confidence wouldn’t be possible without the support from kind people like you, who purchase and donate through this catalogue, so thank you very much. E. Luxury Tissue Paper Pack Luxury tissue paper for elegant wrapping. Nine sheets in total, three designs, which may vary slightly but will include the paws design. Sheet size: 500 x 700mm. 80088 £4.99 D. Doggy Delights Gift Labels A cuddly collection of canines to help label Christmas presents, 50 self-adhesive labels. Designs may vary. Sheet size: 145 x 240mm. 83715 £2.99 Ribbons not included. Plastic free Plastic free