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Bertie the bat dog toy

Bertie the bat dog toy

Ref: 69020

In stock

Fun dog toy from Danish Designs. With his crinkly wings, rope legs and inner squeak, your dog is bound to go batty for Bertie!

Size: 360 x 250mm.

Please supervise your dog when playing with this toy. Although tough, they are not indestructible. Check toys regularly and if they become damaged, please take them away from your pet.

Price: £6.99

Customer Reviews

  Our dogs favourite!   Our dog won one of these at a Dogs Trust Summer fundraising day 2 years ago. She absolutely loves it. It crackles as the wings are chomped on and there is a clicker in the body that clicks when chomped, not immediately they have to chomp in a certain place. She then lies on her back clicking away!  (28/08/2021) Judith Taylor - Solihull

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