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Buster Dog Maze

Buster Dog Maze

Ref: WP-80001

For fast eaters and those looking after their waist line, this innovative food bowl encourages your dog to tease out their dinner slowly, allowing food to go down properly and making meal times last longer. It can also be a great game – simply pop in a few treats and watch how they solve the maze and guide them out. Colours may vary.

Available in two sizes

80001 - Mini Maze (For dogs under 10kg) £16.99
80002 - Large Maze (For dogs over 10kg) £22.99

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Total Price: 16.99

Customer Reviews

  Stops Gobbling  I have 2 Rescue Dogs, one is a greedy gobbler and the other really savours her food. This maze 'dish' suits both of them. The greedy one is really slowed down and the other one has fun getting the dried food out of it. Washes well and a real boon. Great doggy product.  (10/01/2017) Mrs C - Alton Hampshire