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Dog lover's puzzle book

Dog lover's puzzle book

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Ref: 83972

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When your hands need a break from giving nose-bops, head-scratches and tummy rubs, or if it’s raining cats and dogs outside, why not press “paws” and enjoy a puzzle or two? From classic conundrums and quizzes to cryptic crosswords and sudoku, whether you choose to while away the hours or simply dip a paw in, there is plenty within these pages to keep your mind as strong as a dog’s devotion. 200 puzzles including: Find the names of famous dogs hiding within word searches, Spot the differences between snapshots of common dog habits, Solve the maze to reunite the puppy with its bone and answer tail-wagging trivia.

240 pages.
Size: 135 x 204mm.

Price: £12.99