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Dogs Trust car safety harness

Dogs Trust car safety harness

Ref: WP-64206

In stock

This Dogs Trust approved Car Safety Harness is fully adjustable at the neck and girth with padded chest. Just adjust the harness as tightly as possible, loop handle lead attachment through the seat belt and clip to the harness ring. You can also exercise your dog with the harness by simply clipping your normal lead to the harness ring. WARNING - never clip attachment to dog collar or restrain your dog in any way by his collar when riding in a car.

Sizing: The belly strap is adjustable both sides so the length can be reduced by several centimetres. The pad needs to measure from the prominent chest bone down between the front legs and clear of the joint so that that the belly strap does not rub under the legs.

64206 - Size B (Yorkshire Terrier / Toy Poodle - Pad length is 16.5cm and strap up to 66cm)
64207 - Size C (Westie / Cavalier - Pad length is 20cm and strap up to 76cm)
64208 - Size D (Springer Spaniel / Beagle - Pad length 23cm and strap up to 86cm)
64209 - Size E (Border Collie / Setter - Pad length 26cm and strap up to 91cm)
64210 - Size F (Labrador / German Shepherd - Pad length 29cm and strap up to 101cm)
64211 - Size G (Rottweiler / St Bernard - Pad length 29cm and strap up to 127cm)

Please choose size required below.

Total Price: £13.50

Customer Reviews

  BRILLIANT!  Bought one of these 5 years ago and it's still going strong. My dog is a little JRT crossbreed and strong willed, we use this harness on the lead as well as you can easily unclip from the car and straight onto a lead and it's great. Comfortable for the dog and really strong.  (12/08/2016) -

  My dog loves it!  Using with lead for walks good value for money. Haven't tried as a car harness as I use a car cage. My dog seems to enjoy wearing this comfy harness.   (12/10/2016) Kathleen - Nuneaton

  Excellent  Hunted around the internet and local shops for a harness and settled on this one. Very sturdy, quality product at a good price and, of course, the Dogs Trust benefit from the purchase.   (06/12/2016) mike - ilfracombe

  Excellent   I have got 2 harnesses for my pugs, very happy with the quality, very happy that the money goes to a good cause.   (29/12/2016) -

  Great all round harness   I rescued a Siberian husky in December. After ordering this harness, the walks have not only kept him safe but is easy to control. The car part is fantastic and found that I can keep it in the car. I love the fact that it tell other dog walkers that he is a rescue and they have a choice of welcome   (09/01/2017) Lisa - Sevenoaks