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Thank you so much for considering to make a donation and sticking by us through thick and thin. Your generosity at this time is hugely appreciated.

Making spending cuts and saving for a rainy day is not something we can do at Dogs Trust if we want to continue caring for thousands of dogs both near and far. But unfortunately, the cost-of-living crisis is seriously impacting our resources and putting strain on our ability to run our vital services.

By making a donation today, youll be helping to cover all of those essential costs that come with saving the lives of thousands of precious dogs in need.

Without your kindness, we simply couldnt do what we do. So, whether youre making a donation, sending a gift to a dog in our care, or treating a Dogs Trust pooch on behalf of a loved one via our Virtual Gifts, please know that youre making a huge difference to the dogs who need it the most.

Thank you for showing up even in these challenging times.