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Marzipan Fruits

Marzipan Fruits

Ref: 67346

A traditional Christmas treat. 150g of Almond Marzipan Fruits with natural colours.

Gift boxed.
Best before: May 2019


Now: 2.25


Customer Reviews

  Happy customer  Far too moreish, don't buy if you've no will power- sorry I only bought one box...  (11/01/2017) -

  Beautiful and excellent quality  My husband adores marzipan so we buy it quite a lot however these fruits are the most realistic I have ever seen. He says that they are lovely! Unfortunately, they never last very long!   (15/01/2017) Margey - Lincolnshire

    To die for. My all time favourites. Wish i had ordered more.   (16/01/2017) - doncaster

  I'm a marzipan junkie!  These are simply scrumptious - so glad I bought lots of boxes! They are a little expensive but when it's for a good cause, who cares?!!!   (18/01/2017) Sara Porter - Stoke Ferry, Norfolk

  The Best  Bought as present for a friend who loves marzipan. Perfect and greatly enjoyed.   (07/03/2017) Mrs S A Belcham - Chatham Kent

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