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Purple Golden Paws Crackers

Purple Golden Paws Crackers

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Ref: 80066

Six striking homemade crackers, each containing a different cute dog fridge magnet (40mm square), hat, snap and motto.

Exclusive to Dogs Trust.
Cracker size: 300mm.

Price: 12.99


Customer Reviews

  Strongly recommended.  Obviously, nobody would expect Christmas crackers to be perfect, but these were amongst the best that we have bought. All pulled and 'snapped' correctly, and the traditional awful riddles were genuinely amusing. The fridge magnet gifts were a little flimsy, but worked.  (05/01/2017) Steve Dawson - Swindon

  Lovely     (09/01/2017) -

  Great crackers!  Great quality crackers with cute magnet gifts! Worth every penny knowing that the proceeds goes to Dogs Trust :)   (10/01/2017) -

  Cracking!  Looked lovely and the fridge magnets have stayed on display long after the miniature screwdrivers and playing cards from other crackers have been thrown away!   (10/01/2017) -

  Six Homemade crackers  Black and gold packaging exactly right for Christmas, rather hard for younger children to 'pull' open; our 10 year old granddaughter had difficulty. The jokes were amusing, the gifts a good idea if a little bent as had to fit into a circular cracker.   (28/12/2016) -