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Sponsor Dog Gifts

Thank you so much for buying your Sponsor Dog a Christmas Gift. Whilst our Sponsor dogs are so grateful for every present they receive (so much so that they love to share the joy with the other dogs staying with them at Dogs Trust), we know it can sometimes be hard to choose a treat that will truly get tails wagging. Here are some suggestions for our special canine pals:

Our Playful Pooches who may love a Ball, Lattice Toy or Throw toy are:
Lola Belle, Harvey, Rolo, Honey, Nula, Copper, Logan, Sheldon, Goldie, Stanley, Molly, Harper, Raffa, Buster, Mike, Danny, Leo, Caffrey, Bubba, Sammy

Our Bed-loving Buddies who may love a bed, blanket or soft toy are:
Eric, Seamus, Sheldon, Beau, Goldie, Jake, Stanley, Mr Darcy, Puppy Playgroup, Raffa, Buster, Cheeky, Danny, Bolt, Caffrey, Oakfield Oldies, Benny, Maximillian, Bubba, Comet, Hamish, Harvey, Honey, Nula, Leo

Our chums who love to chomp and may wish for a Chew Toy:
Lola Belle, Rolo, Copper, Logan, Seamus, Jake, Molly, Mr Darcy, Puppy Playgroup, Harper, Mike, Oakfield Oldies, Maximillian, Comet, Sammy, Hamish, Eric, Beau, Cheeky, Benny, Bolt