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Gifts for Sponsor dogs and any dog in our care

Thank you so much for choosing to buy your Sponsor Dog a Christmas Gift. We know it can be tricky selecting the pawfect present, so to help make it easier weve popped some suggestions below. But remember, all these gift options are sure to get every tail wagging, including the other dogs in our care who your Sponsor dogs love to share with, so whatever you choose we can guarantee it will be grrrr-eatly received.

Our Playful Pooches who may love a toy are:
Barney, Barry, Basil, Boogie, Boris, Bubba, Charlie, Dexter, Fidget, Herbie, Hugh, Kazen, Mike, Misty, Paulo, Puppy Playgroup, Rolo, Rosie, Stitch and Winston.

Our Bed-loving Buddies who may love a bed or blanket are:
Bolt, Charlie, Cheeky, Frank, Fudge, Ginger, Hobo, Lola Belle, Mikey, Oakfield Oldies and Puppy Playgroup.

*Offer ends 15th December. We reserve the right to replace stock shown in the email and on the website to a bed, toy or blanket product of the same value and redistribute items to alternative rehoming centres to help ensure a more even spread for all centre and dogs to benefit. Stock will be sent in bulk and may be delivered after Christmas to help centre staff manage as they care for our dogs at this busy time of year. Please note that as our offices are currently closed unfortunately we will not be able to send paper thank you receipts at this time but you will receive an email confirmation for your purchase.