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The wicked wit of Queen Elizabeth II

The wicked wit of Queen Elizabeth II

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Ref: 81853

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A beautiful collection celebrating the Queen's humour, with amusing quotations and stories about royal life. When thinking of the Queen, our first image is one of dignity and authority. She was the very definition of majesty: the British monarch, the Supreme Governor of the Church of England and the head of the Commonwealth. But as anyone who knew her will tell you, in person she had a wonderful sense of humour: Occasionally unintentional (when meeting guitar legend Eric Clapton she enquired 'Have you been playing a long time?'), Sometimes cannily astute ('I have to be seen to be believed'), At times downright silly (nicely demonstrated when staff at Balmoral discovered the Queen jumping up and down with glee exclaiming 'I've won, I've won!' after hearing that England had beaten Australia in the cricket) ... the Queen's sense of humour was like no other. Revealing a side of the Queen's personality that the public rarely saw, this joyous book is a celebration of royal humour from Britain's longest-serving monarch.

160 pages.
Size: 206 x 140mm.

Price: £9.99