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Thank you so much for visiting our gifts site during these unprecedented times. We are still up and running and we will endeavour to fulfil your orders effectively, however please be aware that your order may take slightly longer than usual to arrive and unfortunately these product lines are available only while stocks last. We do hope you find something that you can enjoy and thank you so much for bearing with us. Your support means so much, now more than ever as we continue to look after around 1,400 dogs currently in our care. Thank you.

Vibrant Veg Seed Grow Kit

Vibrant Veg Seed Grow Kit

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Ref: 82502

In stock

Grow your own funky vegetables with this Speedy Seed® Grow Kit.

Contains 6 sachets of seed, rainbow beetroot, purple carrots, chard, radish blush mix, stripy tomatoes, and Turkish turban squash.
Complete with propagator, coco pots, growing medium, plant markers and instruction booklet with recipes.

Please keep bulbs and seeds out of the reach of children and pets. Some bulbs and seeds are toxic.

Price: £6.99