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Wonder dogs book

Wonder dogs book

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When it comes to facing peril, dogs always seem willing to step up to the mark and become true doggy heroes. Whether they’re saving humans from dangerous people or situations, helping those who are ill, fighting crime or just following their animal instincts to do good, the true stories collected in this book prove that dogs aren’t only man’s best friend – they’re also inspirational, courageous and selfless companions. Stories include: Daisy, the tiny Dachshund who put her life on the line to save her humans from a bear, Charco, the veteran sniffer dog who has saved countless human lives, and yet still keeps his tail wagging and Delta, the dog who died trying to protect her young owner from a volcano – after already having saved his life three times.

208 pages.
Size: 128 x 198mm.

Price: £8.99

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