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Rubber lattice rugby ball

Rubber lattice rugby ball

Ref: 69483

In stock

Durable rubber rugby ball for your dog for hours of fun playing chase.

Colours will vary.
Length: 150mm.

Please supervise your dog when playing with this toy. Although tough, they are not indestructible. Check toys regularly and if they become damaged, please take them away from your pet.

Price: £6.99

Customer Reviews

  Lattice Rugby Ball  If I could give 10 stars it would be for this lattice ball. My collie will not let a day go by without wanting to play rugby!! And we play - best ball around - and now I am buying another one! It is durable and one that he actually cannot chew to bits - so one for the park and one for home!!!  (15/01/2021) Pat - Glenrothes

  Our dog loved this.    (18/08/2020) -

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