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Thank you so much for visiting our gifts site during these ongoing and unprecedented times.

We are currently experiencing an extremely high number of calls and orders and are therefore experiencing some delays.

Please be aware that your order may take slightly longer than usual to arrive, and certain lines may not always be in stock due to various supply delays. We do hope you find something that you can enjoy and thank you so much for bearing with us. Your support means so much, now more than ever as we continue to look after thousands of stray and abandoned dogs.

If you do need to call with a query, please call 0333 240 5866.

Thank you in advance for your understanding, patience and support.

Donate to Dogs Trust


Thank you so much for visiting our Dogs Trust gifts site and especially for choosing to make a donation.

Your support in this way is needed now more than ever as we continue to face the challenges brought on by the pandemic and the impact it continues to have on our dogs. A gift today really does help save the lives of thousands of stray and abandoned dogs who need our essential care not only now but all year around. Dogs just like Graham here who was found as a stray just before lockdown.

Being an older boy, Graham should have been safe and snug at home during this crisis, but instead he was found wandering the quiet streets alone amidst a pandemic. He must have been so confused and scared. Thankfully, we were able to be there for Graham when he really needed safety.

Every dog that comes into our care receives a full vet check so that we can set to work straight away on any health concerns or more serious injuries. So, upon arrival, Graham was checked over by our vet who discovered some suspicious lumps on his tummy. After further tests, thankfully it was revealed that they were nothing to worry about but the decision was made to remove them to ensure Graham was more comfortable.

Graham's Canine Carers quickly realised that he didn't like being left alone. So it's even more heartbreaking to think of him out on the streets all by himself. Thanks to people like you, we are able to ensure that dog's like Graham, never have to be alone again, especially at such an uncertain time. We ensured that Graham was able to recover from surgery with the extra comfort and reassurance he needs. And when he was feeling much better, he would enjoy trotting around the Assistant Manager's office, being fussed. It's thanks to people like you that we were able to care for Graham during lockdown and can continue to care for other dogs just like him who find themselves in a crisis of their own because of this pandemic.

With the current crisis impacting everyone and posing extreme uncertainties, we really are grateful for your kind support at this time. The money you helped us raise last year allowed us to give the best possible care to around 15,000 stray and abandoned dogs, just like Graham. And this year, you're generosity means we can continue offering the same care, love, treatment and safety to provide even more dogs no matter what the pandemic impact might be for our furry friends. Thank you!

Here's what your money could help pay for:

  • 5 - could buy tasty treats which help train a dog to understand the world and trust again.

  • 15 - helps buy a special interactive dog toy to keep active minds busy in our care.

  • 25 - pays towards essential vet check-ups, something every dog in our care is given.

  • 50 - helps pay for more days of specialist care for stray and abandoned dogs.

  • Thank you on behalf of Dogs Trust.

    If you are a UK taxpayer, you can make every donation you make to Dogs Trust worth up to a quarter more at no cost to yourself.

    Please call us on: 020 7837 0006 or click here to find out more.
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