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Thank you for taking the time to make a donation to Dogs Trust. Bertie is just one example of the thousands of dogs your donation will help.

When Bertie came to Dogs Trust, he was an anxious soul. It took him a while to adjust to new situations and to learn to trust again. Thanks to supporters like you, we were able to provide a specialised training and behaviour programme developed specifically just for Bertie's needs. Our terrier-cross has now started to overcome his fears. His stress and anxiety levels have reduced and he enjoys lots of tail wags (and treats!) learning new doggy social skills every day..

We'd like to say thanks for enabling us to have the resources we needed to help Bertie (and hundreds of dogs like him) get ready for a forever home because of your kind support.

Thanks to your generosity, we care for nearly 17,000 stray and abandoned dogs that come into our rehoming centres each year.

We never put down a healthy dog and we will always do our utmost to find every one of these dogs loving new homes. In the meantime, dogs like Bertie will always be safe at one of our rehoming centres, for however long it takes, because of you.

Here's what your money could help pay for:

  • 5 - Tasty treats to help teach a dog a fun lesson.

  • 10 -A new toy to keep an active dogs mind stimulated.

  • 15 - A cosy bed somewhere to settle and feel safe again.

  • 20 - Vaccinations to keep all our dogs healthy and protected.

  • 50 - Training Classes to teach doggy social skills and confidence.

  • 100 - helps build new rehoming centres so more dogs can be saved.

  • If you are a UK taxpayer, you can make every donation you make to Dogs Trust worth up to a quarter more at no cost to yourself.

    Please call us on: 020 7837 0006 or click here to find out more.
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