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Due to stock take, we will not be processing orders week commencing July 11 and will recommence July 18. Thank you for your patience.

Donate to Dogs Trust


Thank you so much for your continued support and for considering donating.

A gift today really does help save the lives of thousands of stray and abandoned dogs who need our essential care not only now but all year around.

Like a lot of charities, the pandemic significantly impacted our ability to fundraise, which means our resources are stretched more than ever. Yet sadly, we know from experience that with the strain that has been put on people's finances and health, along with the thousands of puppies being bred to meet the current high demand, there's likely to be a dramatic increase in the number of dogs becoming stray or abandoned as normality begins to resume. This is why we remain more determined than ever to change the tale for as many dogs affected as possible. But we can't do it without your kind support.

The recent dog demand has given unscrupulous smugglers and irresponsible breeders opportunity to profit, and they are putting innocent pups lives at risk as a result. Dogs just like young Bryson here, who was found crammed in the back of a van in an appalling condition after his breeders had attempted to smuggle him across UK borders to sell him onto the unsuspecting public.

At just 8 weeks old and having endured a long and gruelling journey in a small cage, with little to no food or water and without toilet breaks, poor Bryson arrived with us very underweight, with fur that was badly matted with urine and faeces. He must have been so scared, confused and in pain. Thankfully, we were there for Bryson, to offer him the safety, comfort and veterinary care he desperately needed - thanks to donations like yours.

We made sure he received a full vet check-up, including blood tests to ensure he had no underlining or life-threatening health concerns. We then set to work on grooming his coat so that he was much more comfortable. Once feeling better, Bryson received specialist behaviourist support to help him learn about the world around him. He was given enrichment toys, taken on sensory walks and safely introduced to other dogs in our special compounds, all of which was essential for him to finally learn what it's like to be a happy, healthy and playful pup.

Bryson now loves people and would even sit by his carers feet just for a fuss. He enjoys playing with toys and in particular throwing his ball around, and he's also become much more confident around other dogs who he was previously nervous of. He's come so far and it's only thanks to people like you!

But with the aftermath of the pandemic looming and the demand still increasing, we believe more dogs ill become stray and abandoned. We urgently need your help to change the tale for vulnerable dogs like these in need of our care right now. Please will you help innocent dogs like Bryson who have been affected by the pandemic get the vital care they need? Thank you!

Here's what your money could help pay for:

  • 5 - could buy tasty treats which help train a dog to understand the world and trust again.

  • 15 - helps buy a special interactive dog toy to keep active minds busy in our care.

  • 25 - pays towards essential vet check-ups, something every dog in our care is given.

  • 50 - helps pay for more days of specialist care for stray and abandoned dogs.

  • On behalf of Bryson and all the other dogs you're helping , thank you.

    If you are a UK taxpayer, you can make every donation you make to Dogs Trust worth up to a quarter more at no cost to yourself.

    Please call us on: 020 7837 0006 or click here to find out more.
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