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Donate to Dogs Trust


Thank you so much for visiting our Dogs Trust gifts site and especially for choosing to make a donation.

With every single dog we take in needing some form of medical care, our vet costs are at an all-time high and continuing to rise each year. Your gift will help us provide the veterinary treatment that all of our stray and abandoned pooches need, whether it be a general a check-up or lifesaving surgery, just like we had to perform for little Oleg here.

When Oleg was handed in to us, we gave him a general check-up, just like we do with every dog we take in, only to discover that he had a serious heart defect. The problem was so severe that without surgery, he may not have made it. Luckily, we were able to carry out the intricate procedure he needed and Oleg's future was saved thanks to the generosity of supporters like you.

After plenty of bed rest, round-the-clock care and lots of cuddles from his canine carers, Oleg was soon back on his paws again and ready to find his new forever home.
So from Oleg and all of us here at Dogs Trust, we'd like to say a massive thanks for being so pawsome and enabling us to have everything we need to provide thousands of other dogs just like him with all the care they need.

We never put down a healthy dog and we will always do our utmost to do everything we can to give every dog the second chance that they deserve. Oleg's story has the truly happy ending that we wish for all of our dogs, and with your help we know we can give just that to so many more!

Thank You.

Here's what your money could help pay for:

  • 5 - Helps purchase the ongoing flea and worm treatment that every dog at Dogs Trust receives.

  • 12 - Will microchip a dog and helps stop them from becoming a stray or abandoned again.

  • 16 - Would buy a cosy bed for rest, recovery and doggy naps..

  • 38.50 - Pays for everything a dog like Oleg needs for one day in our care.

  • 50 - Helps towards specialist veterinary procedures so we can save the lives of more dogs like Oleg.

  • 100 - Helps us build or improve on our rehoming centres, so that more dogs get the second chance they deserve.

  • If you are a UK taxpayer, you can make every donation you make to Dogs Trust worth up to a quarter more at no cost to yourself.

    Please call us on: 020 7837 0006 or click here to find out more.
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